The Winds of Zekreet


Near wind-swept mountains far and wide

past rocky outcrops either side

beyond shallow beaches and rolling tide

lies a hidden place where I reside.

Concealed within a precarious cave

where few have ever ventured save

some curious souls who crossed my path

only to balk and flee my wrath.

Their machines of metal clang and roar

they irk my essence and stain my shores

vibrations shake the concrete floors

that surely were not there before

Though in this prison I remain

each crack and crevice knows my rage

from all these years I’ve been estranged

forgotten, lost, inside my cage

But what is this? I hear a voice

Who makes this sound? Who makes this noise?

Who dares to venture in my cove?

A plot I craft for my approach.

I push away the inner wall

sweep past the cracks and breach the hall.

Stealthy, swift, I heed his call

His voice is one I do recall.

A friend was he, from long ago.

Through lands we traveled high and low.

A jinn of warmth, a wind of cold

our friendship never bore a toll.

Until the woman whom he eyed

agreed that she’d become his bride.

Smitten then, he left my side

and chose to live another life.

He feels the strength of my righteous storm

his family cowers beneath my scorn.

I pin him down with all my might.

Though strong, I know, he does not fight.

“Welcome,” sounding unperturbed,

though trembling shows he is disturbed.

“Release your grip. There’s much to tell

About the world beyond your cell.”

I pull my power back a fraction,

his family breathes at my retraction.

The wife I loathed for many years,

makes space for me, despite her fear.

My power curls into something small.

No different than a spinning ball.

The children are still scared of me.

Though I refuse to pay them heed

their father is he who beckoned me.

It’s his attention that I seek.

“This story I have promised you.

You must believe, is very true.

Our kin of the jinn speak of a crown

To whom the world has finally bowed.”

“What crown?” I bellow, loud as thunder.

The children hide beside their mother.

“You cannot speak such blasphemy.

There’s just one Crown we know to be.”

He holds his hands as if to say

“I’d like to finish, if I may.”

Although I feel myself enraged

my temper, for now, remains assuaged.

“The Crown belongs to the only One

Whom we all know controls the sun,

The moon, the planets, and all throughout

It is His power. We do not doubt.

It’s those other creatures, I’m sure you know,

that have forgotten Him and let Him go.

They wander aimless in their lives.

Worship? They say there is no time.

And so the One has shown His might

a virus well beyond their sight.

It’s nothing, they thought, a troublesome blight.

It will go away. It will be alright.

A cure, perhaps, will come to brew.

For now, there’s nothing more to do.

They cannot hope to trap its power

and so they stay inside and cower.

“Alas, my friend.” He looks at me.

“Our time has come to move with ease.

I know that I abandoned you.

I know of what I put you through.

I ask for your forgiveness now.

To be your friend, if you allow.

Our journeys I have sorely missed

The joy, the fun, I’ve reminisced.”

So let us travel through the night

that Our Lord decreed has been our right.

Unbind yourself, release your chain

the time has come for nature’s reign.

No longer hampered by the sound

of concrete drilling in the ground.

Of dirt bikes plowing through the sand,

of oil billowing in the land.

Is this true? Can this really be?

Can the northern wind be truly free?

I hesitate and then I shift

into a form to travel swift.

If this is true, then I must see

the world for what it’s meant to be.

A world where nature runs its course

where winds can truly use their force.

I move, I breathe, I dance with ease

the warmth my friend gives balances me.

This time my Lord has given me

to travel now so easily.

The right to move that He allows.

I bow and humble before His Crown.

  • Aziz Jafri


    Touching and heart warming. Great attempt. I’m proud of you, keep up the good work.

    August 5, 2020
    • Pooja


      Hello Aziz! We agree, it is a beautiful piece.

      August 10, 2020